At OJS Services, we provide sponsorship services to support academic journals in effectively publishing on digital platforms, targeting journals already using or planning to use the OJS infrastructure.

Sponsorship Terms:

  1. Free Hosting:
    • Journals under our sponsorship receive free hosting services in the first year.
  2. Discounted Service:
  3. Normal Pricing:

Sponsorship Service Details:

  • We support OJS version 3.3 and above.
  • Weekly backup services are provided.
  • Our technical support team offers assistance tailored to the needs of our journals.


  • Journals under sponsorship may opt to leave and obtain services from another hosting company at any time.
  • Sponsored journals are required to display an OJS-Services advertisement banner as part of the sponsorship agreement.
  • Journals seeking sponsorship must have published a minimum of 4 issues or have at least 20 articles.
  • Journals established by OJS Services and currently utilizing OJS Services’ hosting services are not eligible to apply for sponsorship.
  • Each year, sponsorship is provided to 10 journals. Sponsorship requests will be evaluated by the OJS Services Management within 15 days after application.

How to Apply for Sponsorship:

Journals seeking sponsorship should send an email to with the following information:

  • Journal name
  • Journal domain name
  • Information about the journal
  • Journal history
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