OJS Support Services – Annual


Experience seamless journal operations and growth-driven strategies with our all-inclusive support, featuring comprehensive assistance, regular monitoring, timely updates, enhanced troubleshooting, and personalized consultation.



Welcome to our comprehensive support package tailored specifically for Open Journal Systems (OJS) users. Our commitment is to provide robust assistance, ensuring your journal functions seamlessly while focusing on its growth and development.

What’s Included:

  1. Foundational Support:
    • Email, phone, and live support during specified hours.
    • Access to a dedicated support desk for continuous assistance.
  2. Regular Monitoring and Review:
    • Routine performance reviews of your journal.
    • Identification of issues with consistent follow-up for resolutions.
  3. Timely Updates and Backup:
    • Regular and timely updates for OJS and its extensions.
    • Data backup and restoration support.
  4. Reporting and Enhancement Recommendations:
    • Detailed performance reports and enhancement suggestions.
    • Recommendations and strategies for journal improvement.
  5. Expanded Troubleshooting:
    • Advanced troubleshooting and solutions for complex issues.
    • Quick response times during urgent situations.
  6. Personalized Consultation and Training:
    • Specialized advisory sessions on OJS usage.
    • Staff training and guidance.

Our all-inclusive support package amalgamates a spectrum of services tailored to meet your journal’s diverse needs. Experience seamless operations, unparalleled assistance, and growth-oriented strategies with our comprehensive support.

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