Introduction: In the academic realm, the rapid sharing and publication of scientific research are crucial for […]
In the academic world, the shareability and accessibility of knowledge are fundamental elements to encourage information […]
Dear Journal Editors and Publishers, Academic peer-reviewed journal publishing plays a crucial role in the scientific […]
If you’re planning to submit your journal to the DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals) index, […]
Abstracting and Indexing (A&I) databases are specialized information resources that index and abstract academic and scholarly […]
As a journal owner, it’s important to understand the significance of index databases and be well-prepared […]
Deciding whether to update your OJS journal system to version 3.3 depends on several factors. Here […]
OJS, OMP, and OPS are all open-source publishing platforms, each designed for a specific type of […]
You may want to establish an academic peer-reviewed journal, publish nationally and internationally, help those who […]
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