This is a complex event with many features, including Programme definition and Call for Abstracts, Abstract submission, participants’ Registration/Application to the event, e-payment facilities and publication Review.

The following video explains how to create a Conference in Indico and define its different components.

Indico CONFERENCE tutorial

As a conference organiser, i.e. event manager, make sure that you are on the Indico page and that you are logged in. Click on the tab Create event, and click on Create conference.

The initial steps are similar across Indico event creation. Please read the Meeting section of this documentation, if needed. The general data you’ll enter when creating your conference will constitute the Overview.


1:01 – Programme 

2:28 – Call for abstracts 

11:50 – Abstract submission 

13:41 – Abstract Review

15:41 – The Judge’s Role

17:23 – Registration forms’ creation

23:34 – Candidate participant’s registration/application

25:54 – Customisation of Indico pages – Layout

28:08 – Customisation of Indico pages – Menus

29:47 – Configuring Event reminders and import into calendaring tools


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