In Open Journal Systems (OJS), when an author initiates the submission process but doesn’t complete it, the system generates a record. Whether the author has abandoned the submission or might return to complete it later, the system retains these submissions. In such cases, a list of unfinished or incomplete submissions appears in the panel.

If you need to remove articles that are unfinished, incomplete, or unwanted/draft, here’s how you can do it:

Option 1:

  • If the articles are incomplete, first complete them.
  • Fill in the required fields such as the article title, author, and keywords with placeholder text if they are empty, then submit the article.
  • Assign an editor to the article you want to remove from the system. You can assign yourself as the editor if necessary.
  • Access the details of the relevant article and reject it. When prompted whether to send an email to the author regarding the rejection (since this is not an actual rejection), select “No”.
  • Since the submission has been rejected, it will move to the archive section. Now, it’s possible to delete the submission from the archive.


Option 2:

As of January 2024, an extension has been released to expedite this process:

Delete Incomplete Submission Extension – [Download Link]

Ensure compatibility of the extension with the version of OJS (must 3.3+) you are using.

Check if the extension is available in the Plugin Gallery. If it’s available, activate it. If not, download the extension from the provided link.

Install the extension through the administration panel: Settings → Website → Plugins → Upload a New Plugin.


Once the extension is activated, open the Delete Submission window.

Select the option to delete incomplete submissions older than a specified number of days.

Click the “Delete” button. You’ll see that incomplete submissions older than the selected number of days are removed from the system.

There are various ways to delete such articles, but these methods are the most accurate and leave no unnecessary data behind.


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