Text Editor Extras for OJS: An OJS plugin to add controls to the rich text editor to upload images, manipulate the HTML code, and add tables.

Text Editor Extras Plugin

Enable the extra controls that you would like to appear in the TinyMCE editor for each field listed below.

Journal Summary
Author Guidelines
Copyright Notice
License Terms
Review Guidelines
Competing Interests
Email Template Body

In some cases, adding images, tables or other advanced formatting may cause distribution problems. This is especially so in two cases. Advanced formatting in the Email Template Body may not be compatible with all email clients and can increase the risk that your emails will be blocked. Advanced formatting in an Abstract may not be compatible with indexing services such as Google Scholar, Crossref and the PKP Index.

Tables present two additional problems. First, wide tables may cause layout problems on small screens. You should test any tables you add to your site on a mobile device. Second, most tables require row and column headings in order to be compliant with accessibility requirements in many jurisdictions. The table controls that can be enabled here do not support proper HTML markup that meets these requirements. You may need to manually adjust the HTML markup of your tables according to the WCAG 2.0 guidelines.

We encourage you to only add advanced formatting options when it is necessary and to carefully test the results wherever your published material is aggregated on other services.

An OJS plugin to add controls to the rich text editor to upload images, manipulate the HTML code, and add tables.


  • OJS 3.2+


You can install this plugin from the plugin gallery in OJS after upgrading to v3.2.

If you want to install it manually, you can download it here.


Please read the guidance provided in the plugin’s settings area to ensure you’re use of these extra controls does not create problems for the distribution of your journal material.


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