OJS includes the following features:

1. OJS is installed locally and controlled locally

2. Editors configure requirements, sections, review process, etc.

3. Online submission, double-blind review, and management of all content

4. Comprehensive indexing of content

5. Responsive, themable reader interface

6. Email notification for readers

7. Support for article-processing charges, subscriptions, and online payments

8. Complete context-sensitive online Help support

9. Multilingual support


Some Advantages of OJS

Open Journal Systems (OJS) is a content and workflow management system for peer-reviewed scholarly and scientific publications. It’s like WordPress for journals.
OJS lets authors submit, reviewers review, and editors edit – all online, from anywhere in the world.
OJS follows an article from submission, through peer review, copyediting, layout editing, proofreading, and on to publication. Never lose track of an article again.
OJS keeps statistics. What’s your acceptance rate? How long does it take to review a submission? What’s your most popular article? Get to know your journal better.
OJS is used by over 20000 journals around the world, with translations into over 50 languages.
OJS is 100% open source software.
OJS can be run on your own web server or on a hosted server of your choice. Take control of your data.
OJS is automatically indexed in Google Scholar and provides tools for getting your content included in other databases. Be visible.
OJS is supported software. Get free support from community forums, online classes, and documentation, or paid custom support from us. You’re never on your own.
OJS is configurable to meet your needs. Add sections, change the look of your website, enable subscriptions or go open access. Make it work your way.
OJS integrates with LOCKSS and Portico for digital preservation. Keep your data safe.
OJS is developed by the Public Knowledge Project, a non-profit, academic research and development team at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada.
OJS continues to develop, with new features and enhancements being regularly added to meet the challenges of an ever-changing digital publishing environment.

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