SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is a protocol used for sending email messages between servers. Most email systems that send mail over the Internet use SMTP to send messages from one server to another, and to deliver messages to local mail clients like Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail.

OJS (Open Journal Systems) is an open-source software application for managing and publishing scholarly journals.

MailDrivier is a library for sending email with PHP. It allows you to send email using various transports such as sendmail, SMTP, and Amazon SES.

To set up SMTP settings in OJS, you will need to configure the SMTP settings in the file.

This file is located in the “config” directory of your OJS installation. You will need to edit the following lines in the file:

; SMTP server settings
; enable SMTP support
; SMTP server hostname
; SMTP server port
; SMTP server username (if required)
; SMTP server password (if required)

Replace the example values with the correct information for your SMTP server.

You can also use the mailDriver library for the same, you will have to set the configuration for the mailDriver in the same file

; Mail Driver settings
; enable Mail Driver support
; Mail Driver hostname
; Mail Driver port
; Mail Driver username (if required)
; Mail Driver password (if required)

Once you have entered the correct information, save the file and restart your web server. You should now be able to send email through your OJS installation using SMTP.


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