Open Journal Systems (OJS) is a popular open-source software platform for managing and publishing scholarly journals. OJS is used by many academic institutions and organizations worldwide. Some reasons why OJS is commonly used for journal publishing include:

  • It is free and open-source, which means that it can be easily customized to fit the needs of individual journals.
  • It provides a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for editors and authors to manage submissions, reviews, and other aspects of the publication process.
  • It includes a number of built-in features such as an online manuscript submission and tracking system, email notifications, and an integrated peer-review system.
  • It supports multiple languages, which makes it accessible to a wide audience.
  • It is widely supported and has a large user community that provides support, documentation, and other resources to help users get the most out of the software.
  • It offers a high level of security for the data and article.

Overall, OJS is a cost-effective and efficient solution for managing and publishing scholarly journals, and has become a popular choice among academic institutions and organizations worldwide.

OJS Managed Hosting Plans and Pricing for Journal/Article Publishing


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