Dear Journal Editors and Publishers,

Academic peer-reviewed journal publishing plays a crucial role in the scientific world, and selecting the right platform allows your research and publications to reach a wider audience. If you have started your academic journal on a platform like WordPress and have felt the need to take advantage of the opportunities offered by OJS (Open Journal Systems), worry not. We have solutions for you!

Academic Journal Migration from a WordPress site to OJS

We offer you a tailored migration service to enhance the power of your journal publishing and transition to a more professional platform. By working with our expert team, you can experience a more efficient and effective publishing journey as we move your academic journals from WordPress to OJS.

Step into the Future with OJS

Migrating your journals to OJS comes with numerous advantages:

1. Advanced Integrations: OJS works with significant integrations like Google Scholar, Crossref DOI, ORCID, allowing your articles to be indexed faster and more effortlessly. This contributes to increased online visibility for your research.

2. Seamless Transition: When moving your journals to OJS, all your data remains secure, and there is no loss of information. Your articles, author details, and publication history are smoothly transferred to OJS.

3. Customization Opportunities: OJS offers the flexibility to customize the design of your journal. By creating a unique layout that reflects your journal’s identity, you can achieve a more professional appearance.

4. Manage Article Workflows: OJS enables you to efficiently manage the peer review, editing, and publishing processes of your articles. The system allows different user roles, such as author, editor, section editor, reviewer, designer, language editor, etc., ensuring a more organized and productive journal management.

Journal Migration Process

Our expert team will simplify the migration process from WordPress or any other platform you are using to OJS. We will transfer your articles and other data while preserving data integrity. Additionally, we will customize your journal design according to your preferences. All you need to do is get in touch with us and specify your journal migration requirements.

Remember, choosing the right platform in academic journal publishing is of critical importance for success and sustainability. Take a step into the future with OJS and elevate your scientific achievements to a whole new level.

Feel free to reach out to us with your questions and to get more information. We are here to strengthen your academic journal publishing and support your scientific endeavors.

The article migration fee varies depending on the number of articles and the language(s) in which the articles are written.

For services like Academic Journal Setup, Journal Updates, Article Migration, and more, you can contact us.


Phone: +90 543 221 11 28

Looking forward to assisting you on your academic publishing journey.


OJS Services Team

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