Open Journal Systems (OJS) is a popular open-source software platform for managing and publishing scholarly journals. […]
SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is a protocol used for sending email messages between servers. Most […]
There could be a variety of reasons for a problem with sending mail in Open Journal […]
The text below was created through Artificial Intelligence (AI) (14.01.2023) You can contact us for OJS […]
If you are encountering one of the following errors, the OJS update will fix the […]
Starting a new journal – Launching a Journal Starting a new scholarly journal can be a […]
You may want to establish an academic peer-reviewed journal, publish nationally and internationally, help those who […]
Setting up a Journal in OJS 3.3 This course is designed for people who need to […]
Module 1: Course Introduction Module 2: Editorial Workflow Overview Module 3: Submitting an Article Module 4: […]
Although CrossRef comes to mind when DOI is mentioned, it is possible to get DOI without […]
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